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Clinical, Medical and Healthcare Software and Solutions

Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Information Software (HIS), Radiology Information Software (RIS), Laboratory Information Software (LIS) and Dental Practice Software


Unified Transformation Platform

Comprehensive, modular and integrated clinical and healthcare software and services.

One clinical platform to fully automate any health institution, hospital, medical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, clinic and medical centre.



No security breaches, no clinical data breaches and no patient data loss.

High available architecture and sophisticated security controls to protect the clinical data and patient information at all times.


8 Years Strategic Fixed Pricing

Strategic fixed pricing for the clinical and healthcare software to support your long term healthcare investment strategy.

Cost effective with high return on investment and low total cost of ownership is guaranteed.

Scalable Computing Resources

Scalable, secure and reliable storage and computing resources to support your health institution at any time.

Our medical and health services and software grow as per your business requirements.


1,300 APIs for Integration Services

Our clinical, medical and healthcare software and solutions integrate well with other digital solutions.

1,300 published APIs and and web services to exchange clinical data and communicate smoothly and securely with downstream and upstream applications.


70 Healthcare Packages

Automate any paperwork, manual process or improve existing ones within your health institution using our software and services.

Significant customisation capability, flexible software architecture and robust workflow engine.

Clinical, Medical and Healthcare Software and Solutions Users Testimonies

Dr. Faisal Fayyad loyal customer of GCS electronic health record (EHR) software
Dr. Faisal Fayyad

"GCS Medical Practice Software was trusted by our clinical staff to manage our 300,000+ vital patients records since 1991, hosted securely and reliably, searching for any record takes less than a second."

Dr. Faisal Fayyad
Senior Vitreo Retinal Surgeon
Dr. Firas Husban loyal customer of GCS medical practice management software
Dr. Firas Husban

"For the last 10 years GCS has maintained the same fixed pricing schema for  the Medical Practice Software, with more features, improvements and continues updates over the last 8 years without increase of pricing."

Dr. Firas Husban
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Habashneh

"Since integrating this medical practice software, I've seen remarkable improvements in patient management and workflow efficiency. It's truly been a game-changer for our clinic."

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Habashneh
Consultant in Kidney Surgery, Urology, and Infertility

Products Catalogue

Medical Practice Management Software

Cost effective and modern medical practice management software to manage patient, billing, health services and clinical data life cycle


Dental Practice Management Software

Interactive dental practice management software with dental notations, dentistry permanent and primary charts, dental treatment plans and customised dental procedures


Hospital Information Software (HIS)

Hospital information software to manage patient admission, surgeries, hospitalisation, emergency and medical vehicles and fleet and the medical inventory


HR, Case Management and Recruitment

Employee, recruitment and case management, training and education, attendance and electronic signature and leave management


Medical Imaging and Radiology Information Software (RIS)

Medical imaging and radiology information software to manage patient scan result for the MRI, CT, X Rays and Ultrasound tests and facilitate the medical imaging analysis


Laboratory Information Software (LIS)

Pathology and laboratory medicine information software to manage patient pathology results, billing, scheduled appointments and generate pathology and laboratory medicine reports


Geelong Computing Systems (GCS) since 2014 has connected health professionals, doctors, general practitioners (GP) and medical clinics and centres with their patients through modern, cost effective and advanced digital services.

GCS Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Radiology Information Software (RIS), Laboratory Information Software (LIS), Hospital Information Software (HIS) and Dental Practice Software and System have been widely adopted by regional and local health care providers.

GCS software design and architecture simple approach and philosophy have contributed to the productivity and satisfaction of the health professionals and the medical staff who use GCS software and services on daily basis.

GCS has become the strategic and trusted digital health service provider for local and regional health care providers to manage sensitive medical records and patients critical data in secure environment.