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Tel: 078 127 4646

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Since 2014, Geelong Computing Systems has made its mark in the healthcare sector by connecting healthcare professionals, doctors, general practitioners, clinics, and medical centers with their patients through leading, advanced, and cost-effective digital services.

The GCS software suite, which includes Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), and Dental Practice software, has been widely adopted by regional and local healthcare providers.

The simple design and innovative philosophy of GCS software have significantly contributed to the productivity and satisfaction of healthcare professionals and medical staff who rely on GCS's software and services daily.

GCS has become the trusted strategic partner for reliable digital healthcare services, dedicated to providing dependable digital solutions for managing sensitive medical records and critical patient data in a secure environment, making it the ideal choice for local and regional healthcare providers.